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LockDownCon Event Cover.jpg

Swords & Circuitry Studios presents a three day virtual pop culture convention featuring filmmakers, authors, game designers, podcasters, futurists, and many other amazing creators and thinkers. All online and completely FREE to attend. The event will take place June 26th - June 28th.                


Friday, June 26th

 "Cosplay Showcase: The Arts & Crafts of Make-Believe"        

"Designing Narrative For Computer Games"                 


Saturday, June 27th        

"Designing Games At The Dawn of Time: A Retrospective"        

"Top Shelf Fantasy: Conversations With Epic Authors"        

"Optimism & The Futures Of Sci-Fi Worlds"        

"Restoring Scientific Thought In America”        

"Sneak Preview: Uncharted Regions Episode TBA”        

"I Am The Scribe From The Video: Fantastic TV Writers"        

"Heroes At The Mic: Quarantine Edition"


Sunday, June 28th        

"Monsters In My Backyard: Filmmaking On A Budget"        

"The Contractually Obligated Doctor Who Panel"        

"Making Movies With Your Cellphone"        

"Junk & Disorderly Special Edition: Sci-Fi Yard Sale"

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